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The young pageant contestant and a healthy mental game.

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Just like running, boxing, gymnastics, and contact sports; pageantry is as much a mental game as it is a physical one. When a girl feels like a winner the judges can't help but see the winner within her. So how can you help your young pageant contestant's mental game? Below are three tips and tricks in getting her head in the game and keeping negative thoughts at bay!

Practice being a winner.

Practicing is one of the biggest keys to success but, practicing winning can make your daughter start thinking like a winner, and envisioning the big moment will help your daughter crave that taste of success! Have her stand in front of a mirror wearing something she loves, lip gloss, and a pair of heels. Tell her to imagine being on stage with 45 other young girls, all beautiful and vying for the crown. Now tell her to imagine the feeling of being called out for the top 5, then 3, then as the last two girls remain her name is called as the winner! Tell her to replay the moment before bed and before practicing her interview questions and stage walk. She can also lookup winning reactions on YouTube and imagine being right there. This will get her in the winner's mindset and allow her to see herself as the winner

Dress like a winner.

The pageant wardrobe is as vital to a contestant as sports equipment is to a football player. Not only will the right attire give your daughter the competitive edge she needs to succeed but the right accessories will help her feel like she deserves the title. My mom always gave me the advice to dress as I have already landed the job. This is true for pageants as well, the judges are looking to fill the position of a winner that will represent the system in the community and thru advertisements. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is the perfect dress, but the styling and accessories used can also make or break your overall appeal. Choosing up-to-date earrings that reflect your daughter's unique personality can set her aside from the competition, especially when all the other girls are wearing after though cookie-cutter accessories.

Have a purpose.

What is her reason for wanting to compete? Ask your daughter to discover the "why" behind her walk. It could be that she has always wanted to win a crown and serve in her community, or that she has a special cause she wants to champion on and off the stage, or that she wants to compete in honor of a friend or relative who is no longer on this earth, or to prove to herself she can be confident and brave enough to strut her stuff in front of hundreds of strangers! No matter what her purpose is she will come off as more confident during competition than if she didn't have a deeper reason behind being there and no matter what the outcome is she will find the strength to continue her journey and try again.

These mental tips along with regular pageant practice and prep will help her step up her game and give her that competitive edge she needs to succeed!

How do you mentally prepare for a competition and stage time? We'd love to hear from you!

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