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To clean your jewelry use a clear or white dish detergent, such as Ivory Liquid, with lukewarm water and a very soft bristle tootth brush such as a baby toothbrush. This should clean out any makeup, hairspray, and sweat. Finish up with a clear water rinse. We do not recommend immersing your jewelry completely, although if you do so accidentally it should not cause any harm. Dry your jewelry off with a soft piece of non-linting fabric to prevent water spots (we like t-shirt fabric)


• DO NOT use any solvent cleaners, like 409, alcohol, Goo-Gone, or Tarn-X; NOTHING BUT PLAIN WATER and CLEAR or WHITE DETERGENT— and just a drop!



Cleaning your jewelry periodically to maintain the quality and glow. Remember to always clean it before storing as dirt, makeup, skin oils, and hairspray can damage the finish (and the settings) over time.

If you have any questions about cleaning your jewelry, please contact us. We offer cleaning and repair services.

IMPORTANT: Should your jewelry ever become damaged, or lose a crystal, DO NOT attempt to repair it yourself. Most common glues, especially cyanoacrylates (nail glue, Crazy Glue, Superglue) will destroy the foiling on crystals.


Please remember that this is genuine crystal, treat it with the same respect and care you would fine crystal stemware.

ALWAYS store your jewelry wrapped in a soft lint free cloth, or individually boxed. Old t-shirts can be cut up to make wraps for many pieces of jewelry. Wrap each piece—including EACH earring!—separately, so that no crystal surface touches another. Crystal will scratch itself. Wrap drops and dangles so they will not touch the main body of the earring.

NEVER store or transport your jewelry loose, or in with loose change, other jewelry, etc. We can guarantee it will become damaged this way.

If you should experience any damage, or need some cleaning you’re not comfortable doing, ask about our professional cleaning services!


All Products:

All orders are made one at a time, just for you! We have perfected our processing and creating times to ensure you have the highest quality jewelry at the fastest turnaround possible. At this time our turnaround is 10 days from completed order to shipping date. If you require a rush order please contact us, we can provide rush timeframes as fast as 3 days for an additional fee.
All items are shipped via insured USPS 2-3 Day Priority Mail. We take great care in packaging your new earrings in specially sized jewelry boxes, bubble wrap, and other packing materials that may be recycled. Please open carefully, do not use scissors or box knives. Your Tracking information will be sent directly to the email you checked out with.


How It Works

Every one of our items are uniquely and/or custom made, all styles will have slight variances from the pictured product. We promise that the integrity, and design of each pair of earrings is upheld and that you get the highest quality in every purchase. Colors are guaranteed with our Swarovski color chart and all selections will be paired with complementary hues and shaded in multiple sizes to create the most sparkle! If you are not satisfied with your new earrings, please contact us so we can help you!

We guarantee the quality of all our pieces with a 100% satisfaction replacement program. If for any reason your purchase is not the highest quality possible, we will work with you to replace your order. Due to the nature that these items are worn we cannot offer refund in most cases, except in the extreme case where damage or defect occurs prior to wearing item and we can not get a replacement to you before your event date. Contact us for more information!

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