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Welcome to the winner's circle where you can enjoy all the perks of your special moment! 

Please fill out the form below, we will get started on creating the perfect pair for your national wardrobe.

If you do not have your national wardrobe selected yet you can still fill out the form so that communication gets underway! If you choose to have gown earrings made and have a backup gown please allow us to create a backup pair of earrings as well, whichever pair goes unused can be returned or purchased! The same goes for Fun Fashion. Ideally, we would like our earrings worn on the national stage during the competition. This sponsorship is the beginning of a mutually beneficial professional relationship! We'd love to continue working with queens that give us shout-outs, post photos, and allow Calypso Co Jewelry to share in your success! 

Sponsored Queen Form

Thanks for submitting!

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